A couple of useful tips for Windows 10…

Windows 10 has been around for a year and a half now and there are many tips for using this operating system effectively. Two of the more underused but very handy tips are:

Virtual desktops, this means, for example, that you can keep your work desktop separate from your entertainment one. Shortcuts for working with Virtual desktops are:

  • Open task view – Windows button + tab
  • New desktop – Windows button + ctrl + D
  • To scroll through Virtual desktops – Windows button + ctrl + right/left
  • Close the current desktop – Windows button + ctrl + F4

The next handy tool is Snap Assist. Windows snapping was introduced in Windows 7 but has been enhanced in Windows 10. This means that you can have windows taking up a quarter of the screen, as well as half, and with the Snap Assist tool, you can get thumbnails of the other windows open when you leave a blank space on the desktop when snapping a window to an area. The shortcut for Snapping windows is:

  • Windows key + left or right arrow keys

For other handy tips please read:  http://www.guidingtech.com/64035/windows-10-tips-tricks/