About us

Who’s Ben?

Ben Schneider is the original ITGUY. He’s friendly and professional and he cares about your business.

Integrity, ethics and long-lasting relationships

For ITGUYS, good business is about integrity, ethics and looking after the environment. It’s also about forging lasting relationships being trustworthy able to communicate without the jargon that comes with our profession. No jargon, just plain English!

Your shoes

Your business is unique. What keeps you awake at night won’t be the same as your neighbour. We’ll get into your shoes, understand how you and your team work and look at your whole IT operation.

It’s our role to empower businesses of any size with access to all the technologies you need to compete in their marketplace and stay safe from cybercrime.

Size doesn’t matter

Whether your business is – you and a laptop or an army of uber talent and a complex network of devices and IT systems – Ben and his team will give you the same level of attention and focus.

What distinguishes us

  • Quality

    ITGUYS delivers quality service to all clients. We want to understand what you’re looking for and make sure we get it right first time.

  • Honesty

    Sometimes when encountering a technical problem the best thing to do will be to start again. Rather than trying to fix something that’s not worth it, we would rather advise that it makes more sense to start again. This may mean less money for us. However, with experience, clients prefer the truth and appreciate being told: “how it is”.

  • Punctuality

    We always aim to be on time to any appointment. In the highly unlikely event of any issues, we’ll give you plenty of notice and keep you informed throughout.

  • Communication

    We know that for many people IT jargon and “tech-speak” is another language. With ITGUYS, you’ll receive clear communication and all technical concepts will be explained in clear English.

  • Trustworthiness

    We really care whether the problem presented to us has been solved. We want our clients to trust us with their IT and come back to us for future business. Please check the testimonials to see what people say about ITGUYS. References can, of course, be supplied if needed.

  • Friendliness

    We are friendly and with a good sense of humour too. We love a chat and getting to know our customers, so pop the kettle on.