Celebrating Dawn Smart

This blogpost is a little different.

It celebrates the life of Dawn Smart, who has been working for ITGUYS since 2016.
Dawn passed away at the weekend in her sleep. The cause is unknown but she was not ill and it is unlikely to be related to the current pandemic.
Dawn is (I can’t use the past tense just yet) an outstanding administrator. Highly organised, she does much of the background office administration, vital to the smooth running of any organisation.
She has been responsible for all of the publishing of ITGUYS social media output. This includes proofreading, formatting and scheduling of all items.
As well as providing vital admin assistance to me, she has also led the way in our prospecting and marketing enterprises – following up leads with calls and subsequent actions.
But most importantly, Dawn is such a lovely person and I don’t think we really know yet how much we will miss her.
She is very caring, super-friendly and has a sharp sense of humour. She would always make time for the team if we had an issue that we were stuck on. And according to Neil, her partner, she was no less organised, and even funnier and more caring in her private life.
She had lots of big plans ahead of her. She had bought some woodland with her partner and was very excited about developing the plot and created the following website showing how lovely the site is.
We are going to really miss you, Dawn.

Rest In Peace.

Ben Schneider (founder and director of ITGUYS).