Cyber Security Webinar for Non-Profits

Have you found yourself responsible for managing your IT requirements, but you don't have an IT background?

You aren’t alone, IT can often be that extra job that falls onto a charity leader’s lap. And it can be really intimidating to understand if you have the right products, processes and even services in place. Especially with the growing risks of cybersecurity which can put your non-profit, reputation and finances at risk.

Sound familiar? Then this is the webinar for you.

Meet our fantastic panel of experts who will be helping you walk away confident that you understand what your organisation needs to be safe and secure.


Ben Schneider - Owner of ITGUYS. Provider of Managed IT Services in London

Ben Schneider

Nearly 30 years of experience helping businesses and charities navigate the tricky world of technology.

Lex - Security Guru at ITGUYS. Provider of Managed IT Services in London

Lex Wykes

Senior Security Engineer at ITGUYS, Lex loves nothing more than locking everything down and making your organisation super secure.

Naveed Iqbal

Naveed Iqbal

Microsoft TSI Ambassador

In today’s digital world, protecting sensitive data and avoiding downtime caused by hacks or blackmail is crucial for any organisation. With the speed that criminals operate and the constant changes in IT, It can feel overwhelming.

That’s where ITGUYS and Microsoft TSI come in. We’re passionate about supporting non-profits like yours, and in this webinar, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to:

  • Shield your mission from cyberattacks: Discover the top 5 low-hanging cybersecurity actions every non-profit should implement to stay secure.
  • Navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape: We’ll update you on the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices tailored for non-profits.
  • Explore powerful solutions: Learn about Microsoft TSI’s unique offerings designed to empower non-profits with advanced security tools and resources, all at discounted rates or even free of charge.


Don’t let cyber threats hold your mission back!

Register now and:

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge to protect your organisation.
  • Gain the confidence to focus on what matters most – making a difference in the world.
  • Unlock the freedom to operate knowing your data and systems are secure.

AT ITGUYS we believe in IT Freedom. We are on a mission to ensure London-based non-profits are confident in the knowledge they are safe and protected from the risks and complexity of IT, so they are free to focus on what really matters.

Together, let’s build a future where non-profits can thrive in a secure digital world!

P.S. Share this invitation with your fellow non-profit leaders – the more we learn together, the stronger we become!