Don’t get caught out… two-step verification is the way to go!

In the fight against cybercrime, the weakest link in the security chain is typically the password: for your email account, website login or a subscription service.
For example, no matter how memorable, Tiddles1 is very easy to guess! But even if you use a more complex password like fsydhUUT91!!$, it is still a single point of failure. If your machine is stolen, or you are hoodwinked into disclosing your password, you are in trouble.
Both Microsoft and Google, amongst others, offer a simple second layer to help keep you safe.
It’s called two-step or two-factor authentication. In essence, you are prompted (periodically, not each time) to enter a second code which is uniquely linked to your account. Typically this code is sent as a text message or better still, from an installed app on your phone. It is quick and easy to do, and may ultimately save you much hassle and heartache! Take a look at the links below and see for yourself…
Microsoft implementation is found here:
Google’s is here: