Is my IT infrastructure at risk?

A recent Microsoft security survey confirms what we all thought: Cyber-Security in the “Supply Chain” is a big issue!

The survey shows that 39% of companies that took part, confirmed they were worried about the level of cyber risk posed to their organisations by their supply chain vendors.

In other words, they were worried about the dangers of other businesses who were involved in their supply chain. They felt that they may actually increase the risks to their own IT infrastructure.

Ironically, when asked whether they themselves could be a risk to everyone else, only 19% felt this to be true.

Supply chain confidence is key!

Confidence in a company’s IT security is strongly linked to the board of director’s prioritisation of cyber-security risk management.

Again, if the company’s leaders don’t take security seriously, then the rest of the company’s belief that they will be safe from a breach goes down.

In the survey’s conclusions, working with partners in the supply chain would potentially improve overall security.

“Manage supply chain risk as a collective issue, recognising the need for trust and shared security standards across the entire network, including the organisation’s cyber impact on its partners.”