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IT hacks to help cut your energy bills (January 2023)

With energy bills rising at an alarming rate, it’s not just households feeling the pinch.

Businesses too are being squeezed, and in many ways, it’s harder to cut down on the energy we use at work.

We know that you want to do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, but how can you do that, how can you make sure your company is doing its bit for the environment?

The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to make a difference no matter what type of business you run.

This month, we’re all about keeping a lid on your IT energy costs.

We know you’re watching every penny—and we’ve got some practical hacks that will help you keep your IT energy costs low.

Also inside this month:

  • Outlook’s improving its mobile notifications
  • Does it matter which web browser you use? (Clue: Yes!)
  • How to check your Chrome security settings


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