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Cybersecurity for Creative Businesses: The actual cost of ransomware and why your company is at risk

Creative businesses have valuable assets that cybercriminals want to get their hands on. 

Typically, these assets may have little value to the hacker (although sometimes they just want to post that new film release 3 months before its due to be screened). 

Nope – what they want is to encrypt your valuable intellectual property that you and your team have painstakingly worked on and make you pay thousands to get it back…. Maybe. 

Because there is just no guarantee that you will get it back.

Even if you can get all of it back. How much has it cost you? 

  1. Opportunity costs lost time on business development when you are having chase this issue up. 
  2. Paying the ransom (if you decide to) – several 1000s. 
  3. Lost business time: add up the time lost by your team, add it to the salaries of all your staff who cannot work because they cannot access the data. 
  4. If you have lost PII you have to tell the ICO. If you haven’t followed GDPR rules then you may get fined. 
  5. What will your clients and supply chain think? 

What to do? 

  1. Ensure your systems are as secured as they can be. 
  2. Backup your data. And I mean REALLY. 
  3. Encrypt anything with PII/sensitive. 
  5. Have a clearly written response PLAN with named people who take responsibility for enforcing it.

How do you know if your systems are as secured as they can be? 

Register here for your free dark web and vulnerability scan.

It will take 15 minutes of your time and you will get an overview of the relative safety of your network/ devices. 

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