Security Awareness Training Seminar

Using the internet and computers safely should be easy. But in reality it can cause headaches for many a business owner.

Your people can be your biggest asset, but relying on your employees and affiliates to use IT securely whilst respecting data protection laws can make them a liability! And that’s where education comes into play.

Back to school!

The Human Firewall – regular awareness training was cited as one of the most effective methods of reducing cyber-attacks at a London IT industry security event in October 2018.

Even with strong IT security (e.g. Firewalls, email filtering and advanced anti-malware systems), IT security professionals identified company employees as the weak spot in any business’ IT strategy. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why, it takes a split second to click a link in a browser, send and receive mail and respond to an enquiry, all these lines of communication are potential conduits of attack. It’s crucial that your busy employees are trained to be the first line of defence for you. They must become The Human Firewall!

What should I do?

ITGUYS provides security awareness training so that you can manage these security risks in a practical (non-patronising) way. Training that could save you headaches and much more in the long run!

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