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Data Security

data security

“Was it backed up!?” We’ve all cried out those words at some point in our careers. Let’s talk about data security.

It’s the law

Legally, to be compliant with business continuity criteria in GDPR and the Companies Act 2006, you have to keep your data secure. Depending on the type of your business and the data you hold, you might have specific amounts of time you have to hold data for, you might even have to be able to retrieve old, deleted files. Business compliance is a complex area, let us devise a smart backup strategy for you. We’ve read all the legislation on data security so you don’t have to!

It’ll be fine!

Take a moment to think about how many hours you and your talented colleagues have spent producing amazing concepts and projects. Now imagine that one day you wake up and all that work has disappeared.

If your equipment is stolen or your server fails we’ll help you be able to keep calm and carry on. It’s so important to plan for the worst, not just keep your fingers crossed that you’ll escape an IT crisis.


Data backup can be taken for granted until there’s a disaster. We can help you keep to the 3-2-1 rule, this means you should be keeping:

  • THREE COPIES (three copies of the same data)
  • TWO FORMATS (one on a computer, one on an external disk for example)
  • ONE COPY MUST BE OFFSITE (for example – cloud storage)