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Internet Security

internet security

Digital threats, pah! Wherever you’re online we’ll make sure your key data is secure


That’s the proportion of UK businesses that identified at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months! (source: Cybersecurity breaches April 2017) 

Old school, not cool

You wouldn’t shout your passwords and bank account details out in the street, so make sure you’re not being loud online. When it comes to IT security, old and inadequate antivirus software and lack of a decent firewall are the main reasons for security breaches.

Robust protection online is non-negotiable, we’ll layer up your protection to protect you from baddies and keep your sensitive information private.

Do your team know what’s good and bad online?

Your talented people are your best asset but they can be a liability when it comes to IT security. They won’t know they’re doing it, but they might be bringing risk to your systems.

We can help in two ways, firstly, we run regular Security Awareness Training seminars. We work through an interactive session showing what threats are out there and how easy it is (even for IT pros) to be fooled by them. We even include a fake internet attack on your systems to help identify the weak links in your armour and help you to fix the holes to keep you safe.

Secondly, we can help you draft a security policy to outline what’s safe and what’s not – in a simple and effective way, without seeming like a killjoy!

Out of 10… let’s rate your security

Weak passwords, missing software updates… ITGUYS’ security audit can identify the weak points in your security. Next, we’ll help you create a robust security plan and help you put it into place so you’re all safe.

ITGUYS Ecosystem – our approach at a glance

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