Working from home? Then communication is key!

Most of you will now be working from home.

If not, it is most likely that you will be soon.

And if you are a keyworker and are outside and in potential contact with those who may have Covid-19. I salute you.

For those of us who are at home – this is the best way of containing and minimising the impact and longevity of the virus.

 And also, for those of us who are working from home (WFH) and have their WFH space set up so they can access their tech resources, a whole new set of challenges has arisen.

Communication is key…

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How do we communicate? How do we interact? I can assure you it is not the same as working in the office.

The 7-38-55 rule explains how the written word only gives 7% of the meaning of those words written, the spoken word only provides 38% and the rest is the body language.

If you move from face-to-face communication to just chatting on Slack or Microsoft Teams, be prepared for a bit of a shock!

This great post from Seth Godin goes into details about what we are trying to achieve when we work with others.

And just assuming it will be fine when we switch to remote working opens up a rather big can of worms. His key point is if you want to have a discussion with a co-worker or a group of them, is the online meeting the correct way? Would an email be better? Online poll?

“A conversation involves listening and talking. A conversation involves a perception of openness and access and humanity on both sides. People hate meetings but they don’t hate conversations.”

His article takes two minutes to read. It may be the best two minutes you spend this week!

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