ICANN want their own timeline for GDPR…

As the clock counts down for the rest of us, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) says… can we have our own date for GDPR readiness (we’re special and not like the others)! Read more

GDPR: the time to act is now!

You probably already know that new GDPR data protection laws are being introduced this month. But did you know that your business could be publicly shamed if you don’t comply? Read more

The ICO does more than regulate GDPR…

Did you know that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) does more than regulate GDPR? Read more

The lowdown on GDPR… are you ready?

GDPR – it’s taken over four years of planning and negotiations and in May, there’s a big change coming! Well, in theory anyway. If you’re like the majority and you’ve put GDPR on the back burner, it’s not too late – but you’ll have to act fast. Read more

When did social media and the internet become antisocial?

So, when did social media and the internet become so antisocial… or was it always like that?

Facebook has taken quite a hammering in the last 10 days, and with the revelations that have come out regarding Cambridge Analytica, the Brexit campaign and the US 2016 election, it brings into sharp focus the issues that all of us face with internet security and privacy. Read more

Managed IT Service Provider – Proactively Prevent Problems!

We’re sure you’d agree that proactively preventing a problem is far better than reactively having to deal with fixing a problem. IT support can be compared to car maintenance. You can choose to ignore the warning lights on the dash and not bother with servicing until the car inevitably breaks down. Or, more sensibly, you can take a proactive approach, making sure your vehicle is properly maintained and given the TLC it deserves.

As one of the leading managed service providers in London, ITGUY are here to help you proactively tackle your IT support, so read on to find out more.

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All my breached passwords are stored centrally?

Passwords – every so often, we read about data breaches of big internet players – like Yahoo, Dropbox and TalkTalk. As if that isn’t scary enough, consider this for a moment: that all these passwords may be aggregated and put together in one searchable location? Any cracked password? Read more