Windows 7 not supported after January 2020!

Windows 7 will no longer be supported from 14 January 2020! You need to take action! Read more

Manage teams and groups with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful tool for today’s diverse, flexible workplace. If you haven’t already discovered its collaboration enhancing powers, you really should give it a try! Read more

Hackers don’t ignore small businesses

Don’t be fooled, being a small business doesn’t protect you from the bad guys who want to exploit you! Read more

Beating the baddies is an uphill struggle!

Beating the baddies is an ongoing and sometimes, uphill struggle. Read more

Surveillance Capitalism: politicians don’t get it!

Politicians like to think they have all the answers and that they can explain the worlds’ issues to all of us and why we should stick with them to fix it. Read more

Upgrade your IT infrastructure…

Maintaining your IT infrastructure is an essential requirement – but understanding what to upgrade and when can be a real challenge! Read more

Using the cloud: get it right for your business

In less than a decade, the cloud has evolved from a concept that only techy people understood to something that’s become the norm. The increase in consumer uptake for personal use has also made the cloud and its concepts easier for people to understand at a business level. Read more

Why you need a password manager… now!

Have you seen the latest password haul that identified over 87GB of passwords and data clouted on a hacker’s website? Are you worried? Well, you should be! Just take a look at this article in the Register.

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The countdown has begun…

Now that the New Year’s celebrations are out of the way, there’s another countdown to look forward to… except this one doesn’t involve champagne and party poppers!

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