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Your 2021 productivity super guide

Ready to make this a wildly successful year for your business?

To shake off the memories of 2020, and focus on increasing sales and profitability? Excellent.

A great place to start is helping you and your team to get more done in less time.

We’ve pulled together a productivity super guide, looking at setting goals, collaboration, and communication. And of course it lists our most highly recommended productivity tools.

Download your guide instantly.


This is the ultimate secret to keeping your business data safe

As business IT professionals, we’ve seen some things.  Things that would horrify you. Things you would never want to encounter in your own organisation.

We’re talking security breaches, data theft and file corruption. That have brought entire businesses to their knees.

This is something that you – as the business owner or manager – really don’t want to happen

Hackers are targeting all businesses, all the time. Using clever automated tools, and by sending out billions of emails every day.

It only takes one person to click on one bad link… and hackers can get into your system.

Cyber Security | IT Managed Support | Computer Security | London

You don’t need us to tell you that data loss can lead to a huge loss of confidence from your clients.

And often the cost of rectifying a situation such as this can be phenomenal.

That’s why we’ve written a brand new guide. To tell you about the ultimate secret to keeping your business data safe.

You won’t believe how simple it is. Download your copy now.

If you haven’t received data security training to your business, and this is of interest, you can call us on 0207 241 2255 or simply fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll quickly get back to you. If you’d like to schedule a call directly with Ben, please connect via his calendar link.

Hackers want to break into your business email account!

Business Email attacks are becoming more common. And the result of an attack can be devastating!

Cybercriminals target businesses via email infiltration because they perceive enormous riches that may lie within.

This article describes the process.

In essence, the attacker will register a legitimate email account with the intention of impersonating their target and ultimately gain access to the target’s email environment.

They typically only use these addresses sparingly, believing that this will reduce the chance of detection, although they may return to the account after a long period or re-use it to target a different organisation.

Their goal is to obtain some key piece of information such as a bank account or password with which they can attempt to infiltrate a network or gain access to a highly privileged account.

What can you do?

Invest in email filtering that uses AI to sniff out suspicious emails.

Educate and train users to be alert to suspicious emails and how to spot “red flags” in all online interactions.

You won’t regret it.

If you’d like to discuss the above further please get in touch by calling 0207 241 2255 or simply schedule a session with me using my calendar link.

Humans are responsible for cybersecurity – not technology

This blog is devoted to taking responsibility for cybersecurity in your organisation. If you are the leader or decisionmaker, who else is going to lead with this?

If you are not the decisionmaker, and there has been no cyber risk assessment, the organisation could be in trouble and may not recover from attack.

I recommend that you read Whaling for Beginners

You can obtain a free PDF or e-Book version from the link above.

In this short, based-on-fact and gripping modern-day fable, a company boss clicked on a link sent from an old (and presumed forgotten) school chum.

He regretted it immediately. The malware in the link proceeds to not only hack his company network, but their client’s networks too.

The book charts the fallout for the company but also forces the boss not only to take responsibility for his own culpability but also to realise that the tech alone does not protect you.

Without security policy, risk assessment and mitigation you are vulnerable.

Cyber Security | IT Managed Support | Computer Security | Ransomware | London

“We took technology at face value. Technology is nothing without people. People use technology. They can use it and they can abuse it.

They can let it make them lazy, or they can use it to be amazingly creative. The point is, it’s a tool. It’s only as good as the people that use it. I’m the fool that clicked on a link in an email that I shouldn’t have.

I assumed that the antivirus would save me. I assumed that my firewalls, my expensive tech, my IT team made me immune to my own carelessness. They didn’t….”

If you’d like to discuss the above further please get in touch by calling 0207 241 2255 or simply schedule a session with me using my calendar link.

Improve how you work from home or the office with Microsoft Teams

Unless you have been living on another planet, you’ve probably noticed that things have been a little strange, lately.  Covid has changed the way we do pretty much everything and it looks as if it will be some time before things go back to the way they were.  If at all.

On the up side, you may have discovered that your business can be more flexible with the way your people work, than you’d imagined. With many people working from home to some extent, remote working has become a viable, permanent option for many organisations.  And if your people are getting on well with it, what’s not to like?

People can work in a way they’re comfortable with; you could make a big financial saving on office space and travel; and you’re literally giving your people the gift of time, because they no longer have to commute.  But the important thing to always keep in mind is how you’re going to continue to collaborate as a team.

It’s likely that you’ve already looked at some of these potential issues during lock-down. Have you found the best solution for your people? If not, it’s time you looked in detail at Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has it all when it comes to uniting your business and helping you to get the job done.  Download this month’s guide, for a step by step closer look at Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams | ITGuys | London | IT Support

Give Teams a go and see how it could work for your business.  We are always on hand if you need any guidance and can also give help and advice on any other aspect of your business’s IT and data security.

You can call us on 0207 241 2255 or simply fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll quickly get back to you. If you’d like to schedule a call directly with Ben, please connect via his calendar link.

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