Managed service contract – what’s in it for me?


How much!? No more heart stopping moments or 10 page invoices – yuk. With ITGUYS managed service contract you’ll know exactly what you are paying for with a clearly defined contract. And you get an easy-to-understand monthly invoice. You can use us as much as you need to. No need to feel anxious about how much each support phone call will cost, it’s already paid for.

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So this is a bit geeky, but really important to tell you. Our automated scripts are constantly checking each monitored device is working optimally. If they’re not, the scripts will try and fix the issue, if they can’t, we’ll be notified and jump to it. This proactive system actually reduces the number of glitches in your systems.

Bulletproof backups

Think of a managed service contract as your company’s IT insurance policy. Our mission with all our clients is to ensure:

  • Your IT network and devices as secure as possible.
  • Your backups are as cast-iron and bulletproof as possible.

What if?

It’s unthinkable, and we wouldn’t wish it on any business, but it happens. Ask yourself this, how much would it cost your business if you had a serious cyber attack? What if all your computers had a ransomware virus and all data was encrypted and the only backup was on a disk connected to an infected machine – and guess what – that backup had been encrypted too? How much time would it take to restore the data? Would you pay the ransom assuming the bad guy gives you the decryption key? How would you go about recreating lost data? Would you start from scratch or cobble information together from emails? And what about lost staff time? Missed deadlines? Lost business?

It’s hard to imagine what you’d do, but by asking these questions you can start to put yourself in that position and see the importance of an exceptional IT support from a different perspective.

AD-HOC Vs Managed Service ContractsIT Support | Managed IT Services | Cloud Based IT Support | ITGuys | London

Remember our promise? It’s to empower businesses of all sizes with the IT that they deserve. For any creative business, there will be good and bad months. Hourly based, reactive support for a small business model won’t be sustainable. There will be very busy months, often offset by quiet periods where you’re just happy that things seem to be working nicely. And once in a while, a crisis situation will occur followed by an invoice that could be relationship changing. This is a bitter pill for the client to swallow after suffering such a devastating situation.

If you average out the cost of hourly support long-term, taking into account both the good and the really bad times, the average monthly costs are probably preferable.