Why time is the real finite resource

What does Bill Gates, a brain surgeon and a road sweeper all have in common? They only have 24 hours in a day.

Even Bill’s billions don’t get him any special time dispensations or perks. While this may seem obvious, if we have a hard limit on how long we have to spend in our work life and home life how does this affect our ability to get what we want?

If time is short, how can we tell if what we are doing right now is really the best use of our time?

Is the task important? Am I the best person to be doing this task?

Am I doing this task because I am avoiding what I really should be doing right now?

I ask myself these sorts of questions regularly because I often feel pressed for time – whether I am working or not. Effective time management is challenging in the 21st century because there are so many things we could do or think we could do. We are over-saturated with information. There is no way I could read every link in every email sent to me asking me to read a white paper or attend a webinar.

I am learning to be more selective in what I read and what I do as I realise that I can’t do everything. One thing I do spend some of my time on is how to focus my activities and prioritise my tasks so that I do the most important things first! The very fact that we are all faced with this conundrum means that there are many helpful books and even simple articles that can help us get better at time management.

This link provides some useful and straightforward steps that can help!

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