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Clear digital strategy for the safety and success of your business

ITGUYS was created in 2005 to deliver what ambitious SMEs lacked: awesome tech support at sensible prices, tailored to your business goals. Gone are the days when ‘IT support’ meant ad-hoc fixes between panicked client phone calls. Today, small businesses need a clear digital strategy, the security of knowing their data is safe, and the right technology to support their growth.
Ben founded ITGUYS to do just that, and two decades, thousands of tickets and around a hundred happy clients later, we reckon we are on the right track.
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Small but mighty. Your friendly IT rockstars

Our top-dog Ben claims to have worked in IT since the beginning of time. Turns out, he actually started in 1995 before soon striking out on his own. Microsoft certified, Ben has donned his IT superhero cape, hopped on his bike and helped organisations of all sizes as an IT engineer, troubleshooter and project manager.
He loves nothing more than getting to grips with his clients business challenges. He’s the go-to guy for tech solutions that help his clients thrive and stay safe in an ever-changing cybersecurity environment.
Script-queen Lex has worked in IT since realising that she could definitely not be an accountant after leaving University. Her diverse experience ranges from infrastructure engineering in a large organisation and IT management in a small organisation – and pretty much everything in between. Her interest lies in open-source computing and automation, but she gets her biggest kicks from helping people understand the quirky features of their computers.
A transgressor from the world of publishing, Michael brings to ITGUYS a wealth of knowledge gained from roles ranging from webmaster to IT management. A master across the board, you’ll find him happily working with digital content and web development one moment, and tinkering with hardware the next. When we let Michael out of the office, he makes a dash for the ocean, in stunning locations such as Thailand, Australia and Cuba. His ability to multi-task and interest in aquatics have, at times, led us to question whether Michael is, in fact, an octopus. But it turns out he’s just really good at what he does!
Globetrotting Marek has recently re-joined the IT world. After travelling to Istanbul, Japan, Argentina and Chile, he’s recently become a husband and father, so he’s decided to pack away his suitcase for now. His 8 years in the IT business have shown him all corners of the industry, from banks and hospitals to large-scale international businesses. The watchful eye of the team, Marek considers himself a generalist and has an eye for all nuances of technology.
Without question, Anne’s our powerhouse who keeps our team running. She’s our business guru, with her wealth of knowledge and a love of all those lovely administrative tasks (that the rest of the team admit they find pretty tedious). Anne is proof that distance is no barrier to successful teamwork, joining us remotely from the northernmost islands of Scotland, Shetland.
Our newest team member Dylan will no doubt be the first friendly voice you will hear when you contact us at ITGUYS.  Positioned at the start of his IT journey, Dylan is actively venturing into uncharted territories of new technologies and concepts within the company. Beyond his IT explorations, he’s an avid gamer, immersing himself in competitive esports titles. However, he also finds time to balance his interests by hitting the gym and indulging in a game of basketball.
An expert in string-theory, Marvin is our in-house Senior Sardine Network Engineer. His on-the-ground approach helps him to instantly get a feel for what’s underfoot (which, it turns out, is often him). Marvin has a keen eye for detail and can spot a fly in the ointment (or on the windowsill) from across the room. Plus, his impeccable timekeeping means no one ever misses (his) lunch. You can contact him at or on his Facebook page


Good guys. Great tech. Find out why our clients tend to stick around!​

User ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

We’ve walked in your shoes

As a small business ourselves, we know the demands you're under. We understand what matters to you, because the same stuff matters to us.

Dialogue ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

We cut the gobbledegook

You don’t need a lecture on Trojan horses, rootkits, and the latest ghostware updates. What you do need is honest expertise, communicated clearly. We keep the tech-talk to a minimum.

Empower ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

Your business comes first

Our first priority is delivering the best for you and your team — even when it means less profit for us. It may not be business-savvy, but our clients seem to like it.

Tea ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

We are a friendly bunch

We’re a polite and sociable team who think life’s better with laughter. We enjoy getting to know our clients and love a chat and bickie. Go on - pop kettle on!

Growth ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

Size doesn’t matter

Whether your business has a 100-strong team with a complex network of devices, or just you, a laptop and a dongle, we’ll treat you with the same care and attention.

Care ITGUYS | Managed IT Services from ITGUYS | London-Based IT Company

We give a monkeys

Care is our superpower. We genuinely want to help you and see your business grow. It's what gets us up in the morning, and what helps us sleep at night.


One man, a bike and a penchant for problem solving

Founder Ben Schneider has been computer-mad since the late 1970s, long before WiFi, emails and Instagram filters. Legend has it, he even predates Pac-Man.

But alongside this fascination with tech, Ben had always felt a strong urge to help other people. So in 2000, armed with nothing but a bike, a laptop, and an intricate knowledge of all things tech, he set about supporting small businesses the best way could: solving their IT problems. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“Computers have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”

– Ben Schneider, ITGUYS founder and computer engineer

How it all began, ITGUYS founder and director Ben Schneider explains…

Ben Schneider - Owner of ITGUYS. Provider of Managed IT Services in London
computer room


My father was working with computers as far back as 1956, long before silicon chips and microprocessors were invented.

This is a computer room my father would have worked back then.

The 80's

In 1980 he bought an Apple II (yes, one of the computers that came with floppy disks!) He wrote me a program that produced a revised league table when I input the football scores. Of course, I thought this was very cool – ever since then, I’ve had a fascination with all things IT.

In the late 80’s I wrote a database for Friends of the Earth before going on to qualify as a fully-fledged IT professional. That’s when I discovered the internet, email and search engines and my life as a computer guy really began to take off.

old computer

Apple II


I loved it so much that I wrote an early book on how to use the internet “The Internet in Plain English”. Around the same time I was working as a freelancer, then after gaining my MCSE*

The noughties

In 2000 the time came when I wanted to spread my wings and set up my own company.


I started small – just me, a computer, bicycle, mobile phone and an urge at a cellular level to fix IT problems and help people. I printed 5000 flyers and within minutes of delivering them to local homes, I began getting phone calls for work. ITGUYS grew steadily, moving into business and organisation support over the next 10 years and we now support over 100 businesses in London.


What our clients have to say about us​

Sara LightOne Plus One
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Our company have used ITGUYS for over a year now and we are in a position now where we hardly have to speak to them. This means that everything is being monitored correctly from their end and this saves us a great deal of time and stress knowing that our remote machines are all secure and up to date. If we do raise a ticket the response times are almost immediate and all members of staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly to speak to.
Letitia GrahamKenny Wax Productions
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ITGUYS has managed Kenny Wax Productions and its IT setup since 2012. Way back then, our small team needed a very hands-on approach as we slowly grew and moved offices in London's theatre district. By 2016 our team began to scale and ITGUYS saw that we were outgrowing the simple systems we had in place. With Ben and his team's guidance and input, we were able to migrate all of our systems into the cloud and work from anywhere with a very strong emphasis on cyber security. Ben and his team really get us: they are communicative, personable and proactive.
Marketing teamInstMC
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We are a small team and have been with ITGUYS for several years now. When we first joined them they helped us resolve some complicated historical IT issues, and got our systems and process into a much better and much more secure place. Support is always excellent and Ben keeps in regular contact to offer help with projects and to make sure we are as secure and efficient as we can be at all times. Would recommend.
Emma ThwaitesThwaites Communications
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I have known Ben and his team for six years. As my business grew, so did his! Throughout, I’ve found ITGUYS to be helpful, responsive and committed to providing a high-quality service. As a company, they focus on clients’ needs and have worked with us to come up with practical and cost-effective solutions. Recently, they helped us navigate the choppy waters of securing Cyber Essential Plus accreditation. They made a seemingly impenetrable process (almost) bearable and I highly recommend them.
Maya Centre teamMaya Centre
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ITGUYS have provided us with top-notch advice and support, ensuring that our online functions and services are as efficient and secure as possible and that our staff are responded to promptly when they have an IT issue or concern. As a result, our systems run smoothly, we can focus on our charitable purpose free from anxiety. A highly personalised service, we feel that ITGUYS listen to us and understand the context in which we work, as well as supporting us to develop our digital knowledge. Thank you Ben and everyone at ITGUYS!
Caroline VondyWalter Winn Chartered Surveyors
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We've been using ITGUYS for our IT support for many years. We have always been really happy with the service and support we receive. ITGUYS used to support us while we were based at our central London office, and since 2020 we've all been working remotely, including an employee overseas, and ITGUYS have provided us with seamless remote support at both the office and our homes. Response times are really fast and they are proactive to ensure we are sent reminders to prevent many potential issues from even happening in the first place. There are many, many IT support companies out there but we wouldn't even consider anyone else apart from ITGUYS! Would highly recommend.
Russel KingBridge Renewal Trust
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ITGUYS have done a wonderful job of helping us to navigate the shark-infested waters of migrating from a physical onsite server to a cloud-based Office 365 solution. The migration was surprisingly painless but it is the key stuff that goes on in the background such as backups, security, monitoring and risk management that makes the difference. We have a way to go yet, but ITGUYS understand that. It's not a "broke-fix" relationship, because ITGUYS act as our strategic partners, understanding the role IT plays in our business. Ben's roadmap is a brilliant tool to convey to the organisation where we're at and where we need to be.
David DuchinKempton Smith Limited
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We are a busy project management and quantity surveying company. As our needs for data and computer management have increased, so too have ITGUYS’ responsibilities in our organisation. There has been no computer task beyond their remit thus far, whether building bespoke laptops for us, remoting in to handle problems pretty much instantly or advising us on how to manage the next stages of company growth. Plus, they’re just very nice and decent people. We would and do recommend them to any business looking to set up an IT department off-site.
Terry Hughes Elmelin Ltd
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We are a small 5 user business. ITGUYS have been supporting us for just over 12 months. It’s like having an on-site IT department, they support and solve our problems quickly and efficiently. If you are a small business, their friendly and helpful support is amazing.
Jon Sheaff Jon Sheaff & Associates
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Jon Sheaff & Associates have been supported by ITGUYS for over five years. Ben and his team have helped my business cope with the growing pains of a business development and to implement a robust IT environment for the Practice, with solid security and backup solutions. Whenever there has been a problem, ITGUYS has responded rapidly, with enthusiasm and good humour. They provide indispensable support and having them onboard gives me the assurance that we need to build our business.
Darren Smith Kempton Smith Limited
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ITGUYS’ dynamic team is part of the glue that keeps our business running smoothly. Their remote support app means they provide rapid support when we need it and are happy to jump in when we need a visit. Their advice and input have really helped us maximise our efficiency, keep our data safe and allow us to get on with growing the company.