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How to face the 2020 problem like a hero!

We’re serious, time is running out! This month’s guide looks at how to face the 2020 problem like a hero.

Christmas is nearly here, and along with all the family get togethers, office parties and mountains of brussels sprouts, there’s one thing you can always count on – there will be loads of action movies on the TV. ‘Tis the season to chill out and watch your favourite action heroes battling the baddies and racing against the clock to save the world. But this year, it’s going to be different. This year you’ll also get the chance to be an action hero in your own right. In fact, the future of your business could depend on it!

In January, Microsoft is withdrawing support for some of its most popular old business software. This creates a huge problem for organisations everywhere, because when it inevitably fails, it can’t be fixed.

IT experts are calling this “The 2020 Problem” … and it’s estimated that half of all local businesses will be affected!

The 2020 problem = disruption, downtime and lost productivity…

But that’s not all, the 2020 problem is also a nightmare in terms of data protection!

One of the most important requirements of GDPR is that all organisations that hold customer data only use software that’s up to date and fit for purpose. So, if you’re thinking about hanging on to your old programs and hoping for the best, you’re putting yourself at risk of losing customers and facing the kind of fine (and reputational damage) that’s impossible to recover from.

If yours is one of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that rely on this soon-to-be-dead software, you don’t have time to waste. There’s no denying this is a monumental pain in the proverbial, but instead of complaining about the fact that Microsoft are about to do this, let’s turn it into a positive.

So, channel your inner John McClane (or Ellen Ripley) and take action!

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