Hackers want to break into your business email account!

Business Email attacks are becoming more common. And the result of an attack can be devastating!

Cybercriminals target businesses via email infiltration because they perceive enormous riches that may lie within.

This article describes the process.

In essence, the attacker will register a legitimate email account with the intention of impersonating their target and ultimately gain access to the target’s email environment.

They typically only use these addresses sparingly, believing that this will reduce the chance of detection, although they may return to the account after a long period or re-use it to target a different organisation.

Their goal is to obtain some key piece of information such as a bank account or password with which they can attempt to infiltrate a network or gain access to a highly privileged account.

What can you do?

Invest in email filtering that uses AI to sniff out suspicious emails.

Educate and train users to be alert to suspicious emails and how to spot “red flags” in all online interactions.

You won’t regret it.

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