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Bolt-ons and additional services

You can also select multiple bolt-ons, including:

Password management software

Randomise all your passwords and store them in an encrypted app that runs on all your devices. Unlock access with one master password, share out access to your team with graduated access rights. Beef up your security in five minutes.

Dark Web Monitoring

Online identities are for sale all over the dark web. Our service trawls the murky depths of this world and reports back breached accounts, often with un-encrypted passwords. Better to know what’s going on than ignore it.

Vulnerability Scans

Our security scanners map out all the devices on your network such as computers, routers, scanners and check each one’s security level. Better to know what is not secure and fix it than find out after the fact.

Risk Intelligence

This data protection app looks for sensitive and “personal” information across a network and sends alerts when incorrectly stored data is identified. Vital for GDPR.

Security Awareness Training with simulated phishing attacks

Humans are probably the weakest link in IT security; without training many users may be simply unaware of underhand techniques or red flags. Our simulated (safe) phishing attacks, with a follow-up training course walks users through many real-world scenarios, what to look out for and how keep safe.



Minimise spam, filter out viruses and protect against “zero-day” attacks.

Server support

Full server restore test

Annual full restore-testing onto our ITGUYS test server for disaster recovery planning.

Cloud backup for servers and for desktops

Router support

Your router is your first line of defence against internet attack. We offer full configuration and updates to keep it safe.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) support

Email backup and management

As a Microsoft and Google partner, ITGUYS can manage Office 365 and G Suite environments on your behalf, ensuring data security, backup and optimisation of your key online services.

VOIP systems

ITGUYS resells VOIP systems and can order and configure a system tailored to your needs, allowing you to have a robust communications system.

Hardware procurement and supplier liaison

ITGUYS can supply your business with all your hardware needs and work with suppliers to get equipment that fits your requirements and budget.

Internet Connectivity

ITGUYS can organise and implement your internet connection, based on your requirements, along with a failover or backup connection to provide connectivity even if your main connection fails.

Leased line provision

If your business absolutely depends on a fast internet connection with a guaranteed level of speed and service, a leased line solution provides a one-to-one connection, ensuring a higher quality internet connection with enhanced SLAs. ITGUYS can organise this for you.

Mobile phones & contracts with our partners at EE

We can source great deals for phones and contracts, based on your needs. Let ITGUYS take the stress out of organising your company’s mobile devices.