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Do Macs get viruses?

Use a Mac? No antivirus? Still think Macs don’t get viruses?

Here at ITGUYS, we are pretty easy going when it comes to what kind of computer you use. We like Macs. We like PCs. But what we don’t like is a computer without security protection.

Macs definitely get fewer viruses than PCs – and this is for two main reasons:

  1. Solid security based on UNIX (an old computer system from the 1970s). This means it’s much harder to infect a Mac than a PC.
  2. A very small market share in comparison to Windows-based PCs. Cybercriminals want to make as much money/cause any many problems as possible, so it makes sense that they want to target the most common computer system, especially as it’s less secure.

Using a Mac doesn’t mean you’re “safe”…

Dangers lurk all over the internet and can affect not only the underlying operating system but also apps that run on them.

Web browsers, for example, are under constant attack.

Malicious websites try to force browsers to reveal stored passwords.

Phishing links luring you to enter bank details on sites which mimic banking sites in every way.

Key to any defence against malware or viruses is a sensible approach to how you use your computer. So thinking that you’ll be OK because you have a Mac and not a PC should not be seen as “carte blanche” to click “yes” to every pop-up that appears on your screen!

This helpful post from Avast breaks down the key areas that Mac users should think about to secure their machines, not just antivirus software.

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