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The Bridge Renewal Trust – Case Study

The Bridge Renewal Trust is a community-based charity that works to reduce health inequalities; build stronger communities and improve the quality of life of the people of Haringey.

The Challenge

The organisation approached ITGUYS in 2021 because they wanted a second opinion on the IT strategy from their existing support company, especially around remote workers and the “cloud first” requirements. Their confidence in their incumbent was waning due to a confused response to these needs.

The Solution

During the ITGUYS’ audit and discovery process, we were able to propose a migration strategy that would move the charity’s in-house IT systems (i.e. servers and other devices in their offices) to Microsoft 365 allowing secure and remote access.

The Outcome

The BRT team is able to work securely from anywhere. Complex remote access to internal systems was replaced with a single-sign-on process which has increased user access and productivity as users have fewer technical barriers to doing their work. BRT has a very streamlined onboarding process which means that BRT spends less time on internal admin and more time delivering services as part of their mission

The Future

BRT use ITGUYS as a strategic partner to help them with their IT planning including cybersecurity, digital transformation as well as the tech side of projects they deliver as part of their services

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