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The team in your organisation are your weakest cybersecurity risk

Any well-adjusted organisation nowadays knows all about cybersecurity. You know about the risks posed and how important it is to have a coherent IT security strategy in place. This is so that if or when something bad happens, you are ready and able to execute your business continuity plan. 

If this is your organisation, then it is a good start and more power to you. But complacency around security with any kind of “set-it-and-forget-it” arrangement in place, means that you are assuming everything is working… both at tech level and as importantly, at a human level. 

Your team, who uses tech to do their jobs, are at the very front line of your IT security system. They are your human firewall. Every email that arrives, the files they share externally, every website they visit could be the vector for infection. There is an adage in IT security that states: “you are only as secure as your weakest link”.   

Any one of them could receive a phishing email. Any one of them could click on a link when they were distracted that could give the bad actor their Microsoft 365 or G suite password and thus a route to your company’s core data. 

Ask yourself this cybersecurity question… 

On a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is not at all confident and 10 is super-confident), how do you rate your entire team’s IT-savvy-ness? 

There are numerous reports out there which emphasise the importance of regular awareness training and the consequences of not doing it. 

ITGUYS runs security awareness training sessions in your own business with hands-on workshops and simulated phishing attacks. 


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