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Managed IT Services

An IT Managed Service frees you up to grow your business.

As we take on more businesses, we constantly improve our service offerings to provide key support areas:

keep your systems running optimally, provide unlimited support for your devices and services and minimise your cybersecurity risks.

Whilst the tech is constant, your business is unique.

ITGUYS has 3 tiers of service (plus bolt ons) to choose from, so you can keep dealing with the high expectations of your clients whilst your IT is in safe hands.

What does a managed service plan give me?

Outsource your IT pain to a company that eats tech for breakfast

Your business deserves an IT system and infrastructure that allows you to focus on building your business, not constantly fixing glitches and inefficient workflows. Our discovery and audit processes allow collaboration with you to understand the problems you face and to present costed and schedule fixes. No more slow and clunky.

Assess and identify risks to your IT security

The data and intellectual property held within your email, online systems and apps are the lifeblood of your business. Leaving security to chance or hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster. Trying to take this on yourself can cause 2 issues. 1 – you are choosing to spend your precious time on tasks that do not grow your business. 2 – You only know what you know. Outsourcing your tech security to a business that understands how crucial IT security and risk is to your business. Our highly skilled team will work with you to identify what your risks are and present costed options to mitigate these risks.

Slick tech = greater productivity

Slow or glitchy hardware affects your teams’ ability to work productively. Sometimes the computer is just too old. But sometimes there are missing updates or incompatibilities that slow your systems down. Our weekly maintenance program schedules out-of-hours clean-ups to ensure your systems work optimally.

Plan your IT investment with an easy to follow pricing plan

IT is not free. There is no way around it: but when you understand that your IT spend is an investment, not a cost, it focuses the mind on what you can achieve if you get the right outsourced support package. When you partner with ITGUYS, we will provide you with costed package options that make it clear what you get and what the packages will do for you. If you need to add more bits as you go along, that is not a problem. The goal is to match you to plan that does what you need it to do.

Partner with a company that is committed to your success.

Whilst tech may be pretty generic/commoditised, your business is unique. Unless we understand what your business and financial goals are, and the challenges you face to attain those goals, any IT company will struggle to provide a service that helps you succeed. We run all our clients through a technology business review and IT strategy process so we really understand what your goals and pains are in order to put together a strategic roadmap with costs and timelines so that as you need to expand or changes your business model, your IT and tech will work with you not against you.

ITGUYS Ecosystem – our approach at a glance

24h Monitoring & Alerting on:
Critical Event Notification
Weekly Scheduled Maintenance
Weekly Full Antivirus Scan
Operating System Updates
Software Updates
Cleanup Scripts

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