Google vs the World

Google is everywhere, isn’t it?

I mean, you don’t do a search on a person or place, you GOOGLE them!

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, owns YouTube, Nest and Waze. It even has its own mobile phone range (Pixel) as well as writing the Android operating system.

One of the main issues is the power that Google can aggregate by use of search placement and ever-increasing charges to advertisers based on the enormous amount of data accrued about user habits and purchases.

Using Google’s services may not cost money, but users (have to!) agree to have their data used for Google’s purposes before they can use Google’s services.

Are they abusing their market position with monopolistic action?

The US Department of Justice certainly believes so. Like the large anti-trust cases in recent history (Microsoft in the 1990s and AT&T in the 1970s) the defendants won’t let this happen without a fight. It is game on!

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